Autumn Moon Yoga

Promoting Whole Body Wellness Through a Yoga Lifestyle


You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. ~Rumi

The mission of Autumn Moon Yoga is simple: to help people maintain and/or restore wellness.

Nancy Harris, owner of Autumn Moon Yoga, is a fierce proponent of whole body wellness. What does whole body wellness mean?  To be whole and well, one must address dis-ease in any part of the being.

Using a variety of modalities, including one-on-one Yoga Wellness sessions, a Corporate Yoga / Wellness Program, and Yoga-based group wellness programs, Nancy bridges the gap between our bodies’ innate ability to heal itself and traditional health care.

As an RYT500 (Certified Yoga Teacher / Yoga Wellness Specialist with 500+ hours of formal training), Nancy brings a powerful combination of compassion and education to her wellness programs.

From reduction of physical pain to maintaining inner harmony, Nancy creates individualized programs for each student and client. Her mantra Moving the Body…Quieting the Mind…Awakening the Spirit… is more than just a catchy phrase, it simply and sincerely embodies Nancy’s life philosophy.



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