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Essential Eights for Neck and Shoulder Relief: Yoga in 8 Minutes

Pain in the Neck? Try this short 8 minute practice for quick relief!

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No one likes to experience a pain in the neck, figuratively or literally. But our lifestyles make it more likely than ever that we will at some point feel pain or tension in our neck and shoulders. To combat this, I have created this short 8 minute yoga practice specifically for neck and shoulder issues. Practice may be done seated or standing. Each pose is held for one minute; using a one minute egg timer makes this super easy!



1.) Inhale with a long spine, shoulders relaxed down away from ears. Pull chin back and look down toward chest. Hold for a full minute; release.


2). Gaze over right shoulder, shoulders pulled down away from ears; hold for half a minute and reverse to look over left shoulder for half a minute; release.


3). Placing right hand on left side of head, pull the head down toward the right shoulder, holding for half a minute. Reverse to pull head down toward the left shoulder, holding for half a minute. Release.

4.) Perform seated Cat/Cow for 1 minute.

5.) Alternate Eagle arms and Cactus arms. On Eagle arms, broaden back between shoulders, and look down toward chest. On Cactus arms, pull shoulder blades toward each other and look up slightly.


6.) Perform seated spinal rotations for one minute.


7.) Placing hands on top of shoulders, roll shoulders toward back for half a minute; reverse to roll shoulders toward front for half a minute.


8.) Reaching right arm up, place right hand on back as far down as possible. Place left hand on right elbow and pull to stretch right triceps; hold for half a minute. Release and repeat on left side.

Practicing this short sequence several times a week will provide relief to that stiff and aching neck!

Namaste and much love,

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